With the use of exclusive materials and the best available traditional hardware we employ traditional methods and our CNC bending capabilities to ensure a high level of customisation and attention to detail. At Skyrange we specialise in one-off manufacture and are driven by unique and complex projects.
Steve Marino is founder and CEO of Marino Construction, a high-end Melbourne-based residential and boutique commercial builder focusing on quality and service. He says ‘a funny way to describe us is we generally win the jobs that are too difficult for most other builders.’ He first used Skyrange steel windows and doors when he launched his own business in 1998. His project involved a substantial warehouse development with five or six warehouse shells each with four large Skyrange window panes and doors. ‘I’ve used them ever since and initially there were no other products; no one else could do it. In the last four or five years he [Kelvin Ryan at Skyrange] has had competitors but no one still has the attention to detail that Kelvin does, or the understanding of how to use the steel windows for all the different applications that people want now: sliding [requirements] and more complex mechanisms. Many have tried to copy and they can only partially copy and they certainly don’t have his level of understanding. ‘There was a really interesting project in Walsh St South Yarra. And again there were some sliders on that and it was really quite complex with some large panes, and there was quite a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with Kelvin to work out a system by which way they’d work. When the architects approached him he said: ‘No, it can’t be done.’ And then when he knew I was building it and we approached him, he said: “Let’s work out a way”, and he did. ‘I like them [Skyrange steel windows and frames] because as fashionable as they are I don’t consider them fashionable, I consider them quite timeless and I like industrial details. So in everything I’ve done for myself personally, I’ve always got Skyrange. I’m looking at them now in my office, I’ve got them at my other office around the corner, and I’ve got them at home. If ever I’ve got the choice of selecting a window for something I’m involved in then it’s always a Skyrange window. ‘Kelvin is also a gentleman which is always a nice thing in business. We can always just talk freely... And I’m not the builder who cries wolf when I ring him because I’m in a bind because of timing. ‘He’s holding his line, as we do as builders.’ Steve Marino Founder and CEO, Marino Construction Collingwood VIC 3066 March 2019