Historically, bronze and steel and are natural partners in the world’s most elegant steel windows and steel doors. Sadly, like much else of architectural and aesthetic merit that the 1950s and 1960s discarded, classic door and window hardware suffered the same fate. Over time, as we revived the steel window and door industry, we also rescued many of the authentic bronze handles, catches, and stays that had characterised generations of quality fittings. Using original drawings, and some of the cast-off fittings themselves, we re-created the traditional moulds. Today they allow us to manufacture authentic solid bronze window and door hardware rather than relying on generic imports. Using in house 3d design we have developed sliding and bi-fold systems specifically for the Belgian and Belgian U steel profiles. For greater serviceability and longer life, our proprietary sliding and bi fold hanging systems are made from stainless steel. Our proprietary stainless steel hinges can be specified in bronze equivalents for the ultimate in bronze and steel integrity.